Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Last night, sleep was stolen from me. Robbed by an insectide menace- BEELIUM. How could I rest while this winged plague roamed free, leaving a trail of victims levetating uncomfortably in his wake. Who would liberate us from this gaseous affliction? From whence would our salvation come?


A florist with ADD and a lot of free time. A florist with ADD, a lot of free time, and a helium tank. So endlessly amused by his own high-pitched voice is Ted that he has developed an immunity to the bouyant effects of helium. Saturated with this noble gas, Ted is the only man equipped to defy the venemous villian roaming the countryside.

And so it was that Beelium, unable to resist the miasma of pollen and spores surrounding Ted and his carnivorous pet plant, Polleminator. Unable to perturb ted, the impotent annoyance sought to slake his thirst with the sweet nectar of the Polleminator (known in some regions as the Honey Suckler) and met his ignominious fate.

Long live Ted.

Saturday, December 8, 2007

Look to the Skies, America!!!

Look out, citizens! What is more fearsome than an insect? A stinging insect! And what is more fearsome than a stinging insect? A stinging, flying insect! And what, you might wonder, is more fearsome than a stinging, flying insect? A stinging, flying insect armed with Deadly Helium Gas!!
Beware, onlooker!
BEELIUM IS ON THE SCENE! Patrolling America's skies and stinging with ruthless vengance. Injecting victims with bee-poison and helium gas, he sends the unsuspecting recipient of his attacks floating into the stratosphere where no one can relieve their itchy, burny bee sting with calamine lotion.
Who will put a stop to Beelium's mad rampage?!!

Tuesday, December 4, 2007


Rose works for world peace by bridging the existing gaps between people, animals, and machines, thus preventing a reptile uprising or another robot war (what a confusing time for cyborgs THAT was!). She makes friends with, and out of, other species as well as simple household items. A Crococycle, for example, as pictured above. She even gave it saddle shoes. Rose is, I must admit, Anthony's character, but the Crococycle is my idea.